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For My Cousin - TradCathYouth - 08-22-2017

Please pray for my cousin Glen in the Philippines, he has been suffering from dengue, and his platelet levels are becoming dangerously low, in addition to a high fever, vomiting, and other things that come with this disease.

RE: For My Cousin - Bonaventure - 08-24-2017

:pray2: :pray:

RE: For My Cousin - TradCathYouth - 08-25-2017

Please continue the prayers, the platelets have dropped, he is having some bleeding, and is also being moved to a hospital in Manila.

RE: For My Cousin - jovan66102 - 08-25-2017

Added to my intentions.

RE: For My Cousin - TradCathYouth - 08-31-2017

Give praise and thanks to God, for Glenn is now better and is out of the hospital!