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Lord have mercy... - Sequentia - 08-23-2017

Long story short, my mother may have MRSA from a mosquito bite on her leg and my sister will probably need to go to see an orthopedic surgeon about her foot. All these doctors are so half-assed, pardon my language.

Not sure how much more suffering we can take, especially my mother. I don't really need to suffer another family tragedy ATM and have to bury both parents in the grave...I often wonder why the Lord enjoys watching and making my family members suffer so much, especially against things which are beyond our control.

I'm just expecting something major to happen to me next, since it's "my turn" after all. I realize life isn't fair but my family is cursed after all.

So any prayers would be appreciated.

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RE: Lord have mercy... - Dominicus - 08-23-2017

That's horrible. I will definitely pray for your family.

RE: Lord have mercy... - jovan66102 - 08-23-2017

In my daily intentions.

RE: Lord have mercy... - dahveed - 08-24-2017

you and your family will be in my Rosary intentions today.