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For Mexico - Justin Alphonsus - 09-20-2017

I would ask you all in your charity to pray for Mexico.  They just had their second major earthquake this month, and from what I have read there is a strong probability it could happen next, God willing it won't.

Please pray for the souls who have passed away, and for their families, and that God would avert these disasters in the future.

RE: For Mexico - dahveed - 09-20-2017


RE: For Mexico - jovan66102 - 09-20-2017

O God, our refuge and strength,
our help in times of trouble.
Have mercy on the lands where the earth has given way.
Have mercy on the lands where the weather has destroyed livelihoods.
Prosper those who rebuild houses,
and strengthen those who rebuild hope
so that entire communities
may face the future without fear.

RE: For Mexico - Ambrosiano - 09-21-2017

:pray: Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

RE: For Mexico - bibleandprayers - 10-05-2017

May God deliver mercy for the people of Mexico. Amen.