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Thanks, St. Jude - LaudeturIesus - 10-11-2017

I know that traditionally one publicly thanks St. Jude for his prayers after one prays a novena to him. It´s been a couple weeks since I finished, and since I don´t really have another platform available to me, I´ll use FishEaters as my platform to publicly thank St. Jude. So I guess I thank St. Jude for his prayers for me and encourage fishies to venerate St. Jude.

Sanctus Iudas Thaddaeus, ora pro nobis.

RE: Thanks, St. Jude - jovan66102 - 10-12-2017

And I will join you! After months of prayer to St Jude, and to St Rita, another Saint of 'difficult cases', my requests have been fulfilled. I have reconciled with my wife and children after over a decade of estrangement and separation. My thanks to both these Saints for their prayers!