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RE: Putting Pope Francis into Perspective - Fontevrault - 02-01-2018

OK.  I don't often do this and I hope Vox won't think I'm overstepping my bounds as a moderator, but this thread has gotten a bit snarky and is drifting into scandalous territory.  While I freely acknowledge everyone's right to an opinion (and a good debate), I think we all need to chill out.  

Particularly, ad hominem attacks aren't terribly nice.  Please guys, respond charitably to one another.  Remember that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.  Lord knows, I get heated too.  That's why I'm closing this thread.  Sometimes it's just time to step away and not feed into the whole mess.  

If Vox decides to rethink this, that's her prerogative and I submit to her superior judgement.