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14 new Cardinals - BobR67 - 05-21-2018

So does anyone know anything about the new Cardinals? How many are liberal or conservative, or should I say modernist or orthodox? Is PF insuring that his successor will continue the confusion?

RE: 14 new Cardinals - jovan66102 - 05-22-2018

Just a guess on my part, but I doubt that any of them are what you or I would call orthodox. The frightening thing is that with these 14, his appointments are reaching the magic two-thirds of the College necessary to elect the next Pope. How long, O Lord, how long!?

RE: 14 new Cardinals - Poche - 05-22-2018

Arguably, no single thing any pope ever does is more consequential than choosing the cardinals who will elect his successor. When a pontiff reveals his picks for new members of the Church’s most exclusive club, therefore, it always delivers a powerful statement not only about where the Church is today, but where it may be going in the future.

On Sunday, Pope Francis announced that he’ll create 14 new cardinals, including 11 under 80 and thus eligible to vote for the next pope. He explained the choices in terms of promoting a spirit of universality in the Church, with new cardinals hailing from Iraq, Pakistan, Peru, Madagascar and Japan.

RE: 14 new Cardinals - jovan66102 - 05-22-2018

From the Catholic Herald

Who are the 14 new cardinals?