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Traditional catholic school Chicago - Bjager26 - 07-17-2019

Hello all, I hope I am posting in the right section here, as I am new to the website! I was wondering if anyone knows of a good traditional catholic school in the chicago area (preferably close to the Tinley park area where we live). 

Thank you, and God Bless You! 

RE: Traditional catholic school Chicago - St.Eliza - 08-08-2019

Watch out for typical Diocesan Catholic schools, where you typically spend a good dollar for simply a "private school experience", but children lose their Catholic faith there.

Classical Education is so superior, and it's more Catholic than what you get in Diocesan schools. Since you are teaching people to think, if there were and anti-Catholic bias, you can just present them with the truth of the matter. These look good to me (just looking - I know nothing about them except they are Classical), so you can look at their websites:

27 minutes west of downtown (near shore):

45 min. west of downtown (shore): "Christian"

45 min. south of downtown (shore): "Christian"

I would choose to live near a good parish, and near a good school nearest that. Because, hmm, Chicago Diocese...

RE: Traditional catholic school Chicago - Lumuss - 04-08-2020

Quote:Catholic or private school? Just the toughest choice for me. Is it true that non-public schools have more assortment of alternatives? Is it true that private schools develop speaking and creative skills more? Like creative writing with essay service agencies. They give kids a strong instructive establishment with more prominent association in scholastics and extracurricular exercises. Likewise, guardians are urged to take an interest inside the school network and furthermore help with learning at home.

You may also try to find the local Catholic school via GreatSchools or SchoolDigger. Or compare private schools there too.
My mother was a protestant (back then) and she had to combine 3 jobs to provide the best Catholic education to my 2 sisters, my brother and myself. Even though one of my sisters left the church later, I still think it was worth the sacrifice.