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What is the traditional Catholic position on immigration? - whitewashed_tomb - 08-31-2019

We hear a lot these days about the duty of nations to accept immigrants. Obviously, racism, in terms of xenophobic hatred of the other, has no place in the Church and Catholics are to live out Christ's commands to welcome the stranger and help the needy, but what has the Church traditionally taught about immigration?

When, if ever, can a nation impose limits on immigration and what kinds of limits can be imposed? Can a nation ever prioritize the needs of its own citizens over the needs of immigrants, or is a nation morally obligated to always accept immigrants? And what are the obligations of immigrants to the host nation?

RE: What is the traditional Catholic position on immigration? - MaryTN - 08-31-2019

Start with the Catechism # 2234 and keep reading.
We are to follow the laws of the nation.  We are to respect national laws and national borders.  We may work to change laws that don't work or are unfair, but we cannot break the law.
There is a thing about immoral laws.  Which is what is being used to break the national laws and border laws now.  Doing this is not an honest interpretation of "immoral" laws.  
Was Christ dealing with illegal aliens, people who lied, cheated and stole to get into his country, who steal illegal identification to illegally work a job?  Was he talking about coyotes who charge $thousands$ to smuggle people across a border?  Stealing identifications is a felony.  Making fake identifications is a felony.  What about the children being used and abused, bought and sold and probably sold again into sexual slavery when they finally get to their US destination.    Does anyone think that Jesus would have supported lying, cheating and stealing, human trafficking, drug mules, etc.   And he never said that anyone should be forced to finance another person, either thru the Temple or the government.  Charity was to be a personal decision, freely given.
I like legal  immigrants.  My family was an immigrant family.  The difference, my family followed the laws when they came here.  Yes, the laws have changed since they came over, but lots of laws have changed over the years - gun laws have changed, don't we all have to follow the current gun laws instead of the old laws from the 20's or the 60's?  I feel sorry for people who want to come to the US or Canada from some not-very-nice place but they have to follow the rules.  In the meantime, perhaps the Church could get back into the Missionary business and work to make those other not-very-nice places better.  Look at the work of Franklin Graham and Samaritans Purse - they are all over the world spreading the Word of God and physical/financial improvements/clean water.
But I guess taking money from the US government to work against US laws and interests to help the illegal aliens get into our country feels good and the folks get to go home to a nice air conditioned apartment at the end of the day.  I wish, I wish the government would quit giving the Church money.