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RE: Should I give up trying to change my local parish? - SeekerofChrist - 10-28-2019

The whole thing is repugnant but I can't help wondering, what's with the photos of people encircling the idol?  They look like mock sacrificial victims laid around the Pachamama demon.

RE: Should I give up trying to change my local parish? - SeekerofChrist - 10-28-2019

(10-16-2019, 01:02 AM)Imperator Caesar Trump Wrote: It's disheartening that there is no way of tracking real specifics on traditionalist growth, attendance, etc. that I'm aware of.  There's a lot of spin around it in N.O. Catholic media.  Overall the numbers appear to be steadily growing.  From what I've seen of the SSPX data, I believe the only time there was ever a slowing of growth was during Pope Benedict's reign.  Apparently he was conservative enough to stem the bleeding to a certain degree.  However, with Francis, the numbers saw a sharp increase once again, and the growth hasn't stopped since.


I guess my point with all of that is that the growth is great, and even if we grow rapidly, which we are, we're still a fairly insignificant minority compared to the size of the Catholic population at large.  To an extent this may be a good thing.  The average non-Catholic doesn't have any idea what a "traditionalist" even is.  There is a benefit in being in that position.  The moment there is widespread awareness of our existence is the moment the smears of anti-Semitism start, and you better believe that will hurt our numbers quickly.  And before you say something like "Well just don't be an anti-Semite," please realize that's not how left wing slanders actually work.

It is disappointing that reliable data isn't more available.  You might find this interesting, even though it is from about 5 years ago:  The NO is France is, apparently, unable to replace its aging and retiring priests.  The traditionalist priestly groups in France, however, continue to form new priests, so that by 2038, if the trends in 2014 continue, over half the active priests in France will be SSPX, FSSP, or ICK.  Perhaps this will provide the seeds for a revival of French culture, built on traditional Catholicism.

In my diocese, not especially conservative but also not bleeding heart liberal, the number of priests is projected to decline by something like 40% by 2038 or 2039.  I think that MagisterMusicae is quite right about how to approach this.  Liberals and moderates have low birthrates (I guess Pachamama has failed as a fertility "goddess"), so the solution might be as simple as living faithful Catholic lives, making babies, and raising them in traditional chapels.  The modernists have chosen to commit demographic suicide, so while they will do considerable damage in the coming decades, they simply will not have the numbers to prevail in the long term.