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A semi-serious question - whitewashed_tomb - 11-19-2019

I've noticed that many traditional Catholics like smoking cigars and pipes. Why is that? Is it because cigar/pipe smoking is a traditionally masculine pastime? Or is there more to it?

Also, on a related note, when does smoking or preoccupation with smoking become sinful?

RE: A semi-serious question - CarmeliteKnight - 11-19-2019

Smoking cigars and pipes are pretty fun, especially paired with a dram of Islay scotch. It is technically better for you than smoking cigarettes (as the cigar and pipe smoke never enter the lungs like cigarettes) but it can still give you mouth cancer if done in excess.

As for if it is a sin to simply smoke a cig or a cigar/pipe, no it is not intrinsically sinful, but like alcohol, if you indulge in it too much you run the risk of getting addicted or worse. Smoke too much tobacco in one sitting will kill you just like if you down a handle or two of Jack Daniel's in one sitting. I could be wrong but I think it has to do with the capital vice of gluttony.

RE: A semi-serious question - Steven - 11-19-2019

I don't get the point, myself.  I think part of it is a mindset of trying to emulate "the old days", be that the 50s with wearing fedoras, or the turn of the century in admiration of Chesterton.  But science has progressed to show these things are bad for you, and prudence should dictate avoiding them even if they aren't intrinsically sinful.

RE: A semi-serious question - yablabo - 11-19-2019

If you consider the natural purpose of your mouth and lungs, they're not made for tasting and filtering pleasurable smoke. 

If a person were applying medicine via smoke sucked directly into the mouth or lungs, that person could consider the principle of double effect.

RE: A semi-serious question - Florus - 11-19-2019

I think it's just for the look, and honestly pretty cringey if done just to be old-timey. I was an occasional cigarette smoker in college and I remember those types of people looking down on me for it, they would hack back huge cigars all the time but were afraid of a little cigarette lol. There's probably a couple packs worth of tobacco in a cigar, and it's unfiltered too, certainly not a "safe" option.  

That being said I do enjoy a cigar or pipe on occasions.

RE: A semi-serious question - Imperator Caesar Trump - 11-20-2019

I smoked the most cigars when I was in the process of discerning the priesthood several years ago.  They were nice ones too, and all the priests/seminarians smoked fairly frequently.  That was actually a wild time in my life.  They got the nice cigars, box seats at ball games with catering, trips to other cities and fine dining, maids in the rectories, church ladies buying them expensive clothes and watches... my head was swimming after a few weeks of seeing it all.  

I never have occasion to smoke a cigar anymore because I don't really hang out with people who would smoke with me anymore.  Plus I avoid all smoking after I finally managed to quit cigs a couple years ago.  No point in inviting the temptation.  

I would smoke hookah in a heartbeat if offered.  However, since I'm no longer in college that offer doesn't come up...