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Cultivating Marian Devotion - Dilecta - 02-19-2020

I am not big into Marian devotion but I’ve become interested in Notre Dame de la Bonne Garde (Our Lady of Good Counsel) recently-as well as St.Anne (under the French title “St Anne Beaupré”).

I have a host of other personal devotions that I pray daily, so I’m not too good with praying the rosary.

Are there other ways to cultivate Marian devotion (as well as devotion to St Anne) under N.D. de la Bonne Garde, besides just praying the rosary?

RE: Cultivating Marian Devotion - CopiosaApudEumRedemptio - 02-19-2020

How about praying the Litany of Loretto or the Prayer to Our Lady of Goid Counsel?

Perhaps read The Secret of Mary or True Devotion on to Mary

RE: Cultivating Marian Devotion - JacafamalaRedux - 02-19-2020

The rosary is key.

Check out this guy's channel. His videos really help me stay focused on the mysteries like not much else. Hope it helps!

RE: Cultivating Marian Devotion - JacafamalaRedux - 02-19-2020

This and this. 

RE: Cultivating Marian Devotion - 19405 - 02-20-2020

(02-19-2020, 02:40 PM)Dilecta Wrote: Are there other ways to cultivate Marian devotion (as well as devotion to St Anne) under N.D. de la Bonne Garde, besides just praying the rosary?

So, I'm into the rosary, but I'm not like alotta people on here who think the rosary is for everyone. Apparently St Therese wasn't really into it.

It is a really doable way to work biblical meditation (with the saints) into 15 minutes - but it might not be for you right now.

The prayer that change d things for me is the old Jesuit method of Scriptural meditation, of trying to inhabit her maternal attitude to Jesus. I think through Mary, we get an intimate experience of love for Jesus. When we pray with Mary, we pray with someone who loved Our Lord as a Baby, as her Son, as her blood. We can meditate on the smell of the infant's head, the immediate joy we feel in the infant's smile, the first time we saw our kid in utero on an ultrasound or felt her kick. (I don't have adult children so I can't speak to what that's like, but the Bible treats this obviously).

And we've now tapped deep into our well of humanity, where we find things inside us, where no man is too different. Undercurrents deep in our species. And we now know a special vein, a rediscovered avenue, for love of Jesus. What many experience at Christmas.

Remembering His birth, we remember that He is our Brother. He gives us our mother to care for. Now we see Mary as our mother. If your mother is suffering or failing in health, you've now entered something with Jesus, Who felt these things for His mother, and provided for her care.

Mary is a necessary part of our access to the inner family life of Jesus. The Ignatian method of meditating on the Scriptures, trying to see things from, say, Joseph or another character's POV, let's us experience a love for Jesus and His mother.

And in imagining ourselves in Jesus' family, we are awakened to the fact that Mary as the prototypical Christian is chosen as I am chosen. She is beloved as I am beloved. She is my sister, she is my mother, there is a family resemblance. She is my queen, but her royalty tells me something: I too am part of the royal family, for I was adopted by the Holy Spirit. With Mary, first among women, I am a coheir of life.

This is how I have grown in love for her, and through her, her Son.