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Author of 'The Deputy' dies - Teresa Agrorum - 05-16-2020

The man who smeared Venerable Pope Pius XII has died. Pray for his soul.

RE: Author of 'The Deputy' dies - jovan66102 - 05-16-2020

He'll need them! Not only did he work for the KGB in maligning Ven. Pius XII, he wrote a play that alleged that Winston Churchill was responsible for the death of the Prime Minister of the Polish Government in Exile, General Władysław Sikorski, in an airplane crash in 1943, contradicting the official version of events as an accident, and implying that General Sikorski had been murdered on Churchill's orders. Unbeknownst to Hochhuth, the pilot of the plane was still alive and he won a libel case that seriously affected the London theatre which staged the play.

In other words, he made a literary career of making up lies about historical figures who could no longer defend themselves.