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What are your hobbies? - Birdie - 05-17-2020

Mine are sewing, reading/audiobooks, and knitting. And I’ve recently taken up doll painting. What about you?

RE: What are your hobbies? - Hildegarde - 05-17-2020

These days it's mainly lying on the couch, eating snacks, and watching Netflix.

RE: What are your hobbies? - jovan66102 - 05-17-2020

Back when my post total reached 4,000 (more than 18,000 posts ago!), someone said I needed a hobby. In a sense, FE is an extension of my favourite pastime of reading Church and mediaeval history, and theology. However, besides that, I enjoy fishing, gardening, cooking, and when I could still do it, long walks in the woods, with or without a gun to slaughter edible creatures.

With retirement, my 'hobby' of blogging seems to have turned into a full time job, but I still enjoy it immensely.

RE: What are your hobbies? - Orthodox Andy - 05-17-2020

When I'm not playing games and drinking beer because of everything being closed, fixing old cars with my friend, visiting aviation museums, running, and spending time out of town in more vibrant places than my isolated rural area.

RE: What are your hobbies? - Little Fish - 05-17-2020

Lately it has been making things with sculpey clay (a couple of holy water fonts and a vigil lamp), painting, and trying not to kill the struggling vegetables in our garden.

Many months ago, my husband suggested that we build a forge in the backyard so that I could be a blacksmith wife. I laughed, because neither of us know a thing about smithing. Now this doesn't feel like such a bad idea.

RE: What are your hobbies? - formerbuddhist - 05-17-2020

I've always had the blessing (and curse)  of having a TON of interests and pursuits. Sometimes I feel like Mr. Toad from "Wind in the Willows"!

Stuff I've always enjoyed is hiking, haiku and waka poetry, botany/ethnobotany, mythology, history (especially Russian and East Asian, but not exclusively)  theology, the intersection of Zen and Christianity (a near obsession for years), Islamic studies, especially the Koran and the various mystical schools of interpretation and mysticism,  classic literature, languages (Cebuano, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian and Church Slavonic specifically) , demonology and the occult (only out of curiosity), dogs(especially hounds like Beagles and Bassets) and cats. Coffee and tea. Writing fiction and poetry.  Stargazing.  Qigong and Chinese medicine.  Skateboarding.  Meditation and prayer.  Music- - especially old Znamenny chant, gregorian chant, various styles of black and death metal, old roots reggae and early to mid 90s D&B and rave techno.  I'm sure I forgot a few things too, as I'm always deep into something, lost in my own curiosity. 

Glad to see others engaged in things that make their hearts sing.  Despite all the craziness and darkness the world is a beautiful place filled with all sorts of wonder.

RE: What are your hobbies? - Ambrosiano - 05-18-2020

Wow, you guys are a hard act to follow!  My only real hobby in which I help create is Celtic music:  I'm a snare drummer in a couple of pipe bands.  Band practice with 15 or so musicians doesn't work so well on Zoom, however, so I'm enjoying learning/writing new scores on my own.  I check in with another guy on Skype for help every so often.  Other than that, I guess I do create when I cook (Chinese & Italian) and bake, but I'm usually a slave to the recipe and use almost every pot and pan in the kitchen, much to my wife's chagrin.  If I could take up something new (also to tee off my better half), I'd learn to brew beer...and play electric bass.

RE: What are your hobbies? - Julia Augusta - 05-18-2020

Reading, watercolor painting, writing stories, hiking

RE: What are your hobbies? - JacafamalaRedux - 05-19-2020

Preparedness, which covers a lot of territory hobby-wise. 

I also like to sew and cook, but these two are more like jobs for me oft times, especially cooking. I tell myself it's a hobby in order to put that spin or mindset on it thus keeping it more fun and interesting.

RE: What are your hobbies? - Eric F - 05-19-2020

History, with my biggest interest in about the last 8 years being the Old West from about 1860-1910. I really like anything historical and the 16th century might be my favorite, but really anything.  Might make a few people uncomfortable, but I'm also a hardcore crime and unsolved murder buff. Besides that, playing guitar and mandolin, sports typically before I was born, canoeing if I can ever get back to it, wildlife, and even cooking. PS I made dinner for my gf tonight, just meatloaf and potatoes.