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The sky is ... - Petersimon1 - 10-06-2020

Has anyone noticed that the sky looks completely different
sunsets, brighter sun, brighter moon, massive cloudes

Its really changed, is this biblical?

RE: The sky is ... - Steven - 10-06-2020

No?  It all looks completely normal to me, save some richer sunsets due to smoke from the fires out west.

RE: The sky is ... - SeekerofChrist - 10-06-2020

Well, a new season began a few weeks ago.  It is Fall here in the northern hemisphere.  The sky looks like the normal color/brightness it has as we begin to journey toward winter.  So, where I am at, things look normal.  Nothing Biblical as far as the weather and sky go.

RE: The sky is ... - Ioannes_L - 10-06-2020

When I read this title I knew you were back, with the same story, and this was my reaction:
[Image: tenor.gif]
The sun and the moon look the same, and depending on metereological reasons clouds can be different.
Please, stop trying to correlate normal facts of life with this obsession you nurture about the end of times, Our Lord's second coming and final judgement. Again and again, whenever you come by people try to help you and point you to the right direction, yet it seems you don't care.

Quote:I know I need to focus on the day and be in a state of grace so don't lecture me on this  [Image: incense.gif] [Image: incense.gif] [Image: incense.gif]

By the way, will you interact in this thread or simply disappear after creating it?

RE: The sky is ... - VoxClamantis - 10-06-2020

You need to make an appointment with a psychiatrist. Many places offer counseling on a sliding scale.

RE: The sky is ... - Augustinian - 10-06-2020

OP, stop watching/listening to/reading Protestant end times materials. No, the sky is not falling.

RE: The sky is ... - MagisterMusicae - 10-07-2020

My friend in Australia says the moon looks upside down and the shadow is going the opposite way.

RE: The sky is ... - austenbosten - 10-07-2020

The Sky is...

[Image: ?]

RE: The sky is ... - Petersimon1 - 10-08-2020

I had to laugh at some of the GIFS i must admit

The sky is ... - Mourning Dove - 10-08-2020

I too see the Bad Moon Rising. I see trouble on the way.