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Iota Unum - Matthew7-7 - 11-18-2020

I have just been recommended this book. The person who recommended it was a little cryptic, and just told me that all the answers I seek would be found in there. I have looked online, and it's clearly about Vatican II, but there aren't that many good quality reviews and I have a few already to read (including Dominion, which I'm halfway through)..

I know Vatican II is a divisive subject, and I don't wish to cause discord. However, I was wondering whether anybody has read it, and what they think of it. It's late here, so i have just bashed this post out, and not had a great deal of time to do much research on the book, so apologies in advance if I have overlooked anything. I have to get up in 6 hours!

RE: Iota Unum - Augustinian - 11-18-2020

I've heard it is a good analysis of what happened to the Church after Vatican II. I have it on my to-read list, so I have not yet read it.

RE: Iota Unum - TruthWhichIsChrist - 11-18-2020

It is encyclopedic in its organization, and every section is well-crafted to address the subject indicated by the heading. Very well written, and generously footnoted. Very worthwhile!

RE: Iota Unum - I am the GOAT - 11-19-2020

It is positively reviewed by some who attend Indult type TLMs (but not officially by any NO-affiliated org.), cited in the books from the Most Holy Family Monastery, and it's for sale by the SSPX's Angelus Press. That should tell you something. I have yet to see anyone claiming that the information contained therein isn't true, so I believe it to be a good source of information.

RE: Iota Unum - Matthew7-7 - 12-03-2020

Augustian, TruthWhichIsChrist & I_am_the_Goat - thank you all for your replies. I think this is a book I will be ordering.