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Preparing your children for Re-education camps (article) - CatholicMamato5 - 01-14-2021

Sorry if this should be in another section.  I struggled with whether to place it here or in "politics."  This is probably my biggest concern/fear in the world.  That my children are taken from me and kept from the Truth.  I think there is some solid advice here and it speaks to my heart.  Years ago, I attended a "Treasures of the Church" exhibit with hundreds of relics.  On the way home it hit me that I had not prepared my children for the possibility of martyrdom.  So we began that discussion.   I talked to them about how if anyone told them they had to deny Our Lord, they needed to die.  Harsh conversation to have with my young children.  

Monday we were reading about Edmund Campion.  It hit me, I needed to talk to my children about the possibility of our faith being kept from us.  I have not been talking about politics with the kids.  They overhear some things but I hadn't directly explained things to them.  I started telling them that St. Edmund Campion's life is a real possibility for us in these times.  I feel like this is so important.  I was talking to a friend yesterday and she was talking about how in the past - children knew their place and didn't tell family business, speak out of turn, or interject into adult conversations.  We were talking about how this is a protection and "loose lips, sink ships". I definitely have a few ship sinkers around here and we need to train some new habits.  In this strange time of snitch culture and not knowing who you can trust.  We have people in our own parish that are calling the Bishop and the police when other parishoners are not wearing masks.  

Anyway, starting to ramble now.  Just wondering.... Do you prepare your children for the possibility of being martyred?  How?  Are you talking to them about the state of our world/country and preparing them for impending communism?  How?    Let us all pray for the family and place ourselves under the care of the Holy Family.