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Taki Mag "Con is On" - austenbosten - 02-13-2021

Emphasis mine

Quote:...MAGAs should be angry about it. Bannon and his cohorts are accused of stealing from Trump’s loyal base. If Trump sincerely believed that the government’s case was bogus, if he felt the charges were a political witch hunt, he should’ve pardoned all four guys. But obviously the rightness or wrongness of the charges didn’t matter to him. Whatever Trump’s motivation for the pardon, he robbed MAGAs of their day in court against Bannon.

It should be added that the con was only possible in the first place because of Trump’s own inaction on the border wall.

This is a pretty damning article and one that really should be looked into. I stopped watching Steve Bannon after the whole "listen to me guys, Trump is gonna be President on Jan 20." At the time being emotional about witnessing the steal of the century, I wanted to believe him, but the wise man in the back of my head said not to since he utterly failed to successfully export his 2017 victory to Europe. Now reading this, if true, is highly damning towards him and Trump. I always knew Ben Shapiro was a creep, but to think he, Bannon, and Trump are of the same cloth...grifting poor Americans...pretty sickening.