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Traded in the civic - Jerry Towns - 02-27-2021

I loved that car
15 years old, 268k km
bottom rusted out
camry in the driveway
24 hours from test drive to delivery
$4 k under market value

RE: Traded in the civic - Jerry Towns - 02-27-2021

car has sat in the driveway for 10 months basically
work from home
maybe 6000 km this year
unattended for weeks at a time
mice nest in the front end
car reeks of mice piss
throw in a pine tree from the mirror
and it smells even worse
good luck with that my salesperson friend
best car buying experience ever
price is what you see
no haggling no upselling

RE: Traded in the civic - Blind Horus - 03-02-2021

We had a '98 Civic. Great car. Vtec 5 speed. Sounded really cool. Stepson arranged the deal back in his rappin' fast and furious phase and I think the engine might of been 'hot' outta Seattle. Besides that and the the taped up bumper well worth the $2800. Nice website but a little pricey:)