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Orthodox to Catholic convert stories - PilgrimMichelangelo - 04-04-2021

Happy Easter! 

I have noticed in my travels through FE forum that there seem to be quite a few Orthodox to Catholic converts here.  Would you please be willing to share a little bit of what brought to the Catholic Church and out of Orthodoxy? 

Not trying to start another flame war, just interested in how you made the transition, your thought process, how your heart reacted, any struggles or hang ups along the way and generally your assessment of being Catholic after Orthodoxy. 

Christ is Risen!

RE: Orthodox to Catholic convert stories - jovan66102 - 04-04-2021

If you're interested, here is the blog post I wrote last St Wenceslaus Day, on the 40th anniversary of my reception into the Church of Christ, Forty Years a Catholic.

The last paragraph:

In December 2017 a friend and I were chatting after Mass and he mentioned that he was being Confirmed at the Midnight Mass of Christmas. I congratulated him, of course, but I told him that I had been a Catholic for 37 years, over half my life. I said that I have often been frustrated and even angry at events in the Church, but in all those 37 years, I had never, even for a moment, regretted my decision that September evening in 1980! And I've not changed my mind. I give thanks to Our Blessed Lord, and I thank Our Holy Mother, my Guardian Angel, and my Patrons for their prayers that brought me home to the full, undiluted Faith and practice of the One, Holy, Roman, Catholic, and Apostolic Church!

RE: Orthodox to Catholic convert stories - jovan66102 - 04-05-2021

One thing I didn't mention in the post which has a special meaning to me is that I was received on 28 September, the Feast of St Wenceslaus, Duke and Martyr (the 'Good King Wenceslaus' of the carol), the Patron of the Czech people and of the Parish in which my half-Czech wife was baptised. 

Thirty-seven years later through a series of events that I would never have thought possible, except by the Grace of God and the prayers of my Patrons, I ended up living in that same Parish.

RE: Orthodox to Catholic convert stories - SeekerofChrist - 04-08-2021

Though not traditionalist, the Coming Home Network has a few EO conversion stories: