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Should I Vote? - neanderthal-slayer - 09-12-2021

There's an election happening in Canada right now and I'm not sure what to do about it. Mind you, the conservative party of Canada is no longer pro-life, so if I wanted to vote it'd have to be some obscure fifth- or sixth-choice party.

On the one hand I've heard so much emphasis from Catholics on the importance of voting, and that it's even a sin of negligence not to vote for a pro-life candidate.

On the other hand everything is so messed up: ballot machines are known to be rigged, politicians are all corrupt, and who knows how much power elected leaders actually have over corporations/media/billionaires? The population size also effectively nullifies the influence of an individual vote; moreover, voting perpetuates this screwed democratic system which, in reality, will never be a solution to our political problems. In this second case, I'd probably go out and spoil my ballot, since not voting at all tends to signify "I'm okay with whatever."

What is everyone's perspective on voting in this scenario? I imagine most other anglo countries have similar systems.

RE: Should I Vote? - J Michael - 09-12-2021

Have you seen this thread ?

RE: Should I Vote? - newenglandsun - 09-12-2021

I got this advice back in 2016 from a guy who grew up in Post-Weimar Germany. NEVER THROW AWAY A VOTE BY NOT VOTING. His father would go to the polls and had two options: Hitler or Opposition.

Your vote is how you participate in your government and it lets your government know you exist. And it frightens them when they have opposition (not as much as Hell, use Hell threats to control your government). All you need to do is consider the policies most fundamental.

RE: Should I Vote? - Drolo - 09-12-2021

Has abstentionism ever worked historically?

I can't think of any successes.

RE: Should I Vote? - jovan66102 - 09-12-2021

My advice from the other thread:

The Liberals, under Daddy's Little Boy, a/k/a Justin 'Bieber' Trudeau or Trudope, are so bad that I fear for Canada if they continue in Government. They are aggressively anti-life, pro-LGBTQXYZ∞, pro-'immigrant', and totally committed to the anthropogenic climate change hoax.

Trudeau only got elected because of his surname and his hair! There's certainly nothing under the hair, as in brains. I saw a picture of him and Rachel Notley, the socialist Premier of Alberta shaking hands. The caption showed Trudeau saying, 'Together we will finish the job my father started of destroying Canada'. He no longer has Notley to help because Alberta regained some sanity, but he still seems to be bent on the destruction of Canada.

So, in an effort to save Canada from Trudeau, if I still lived in Alberta, I'd be pounding the pavement and manning phones to elect a Tory Government. Just my loonie's worth. LOL!

And in reply to ZeroM's advice:

(09-09-2021, 05:53 PM)ZeroM Wrote: A Catholic may vote for the lesser of 2 evils, so to speak, in order to prevent the greater evil from winning.  But one is not obliged to do so.  You can vote for the PPC with glee.
I replied:

That may technically be true, but in this situation, you have a choice between two parties, one of which, the Conservatives, is at least not actively opposing life. On the other hand, you have the Liberals. Under Trudeau, it is a matter of Party policy that no pro-lifer may be nominated by a Riding Association and no pro-lifer may sit in the Liberal Caucus. To me, it's a no brainer. Trudeau must go! And that's leaving aside all the other social issues such as 'gender rights', LGBT issues, the climate hoax, etc. that should be of major concern to Canadians who still think Canada is 'The True North, Strong and Free'. It won't be either if Trudeau and his goon squads stay in power much longer.

RE: Should I Vote? - ZeroM - 09-12-2021

And for the record, there is nothing wrong with Canadian ballot boxes. I voted yesterday - mark an x with a pencil and drop it in a cardboard box.

RE: Should I Vote? - jovan66102 - 09-12-2021

(09-12-2021, 06:37 PM)ZeroM Wrote: And for the record, there is nothing wrong with Canadian ballot boxes.  I voted yesterday - mark an x with a pencil and drop it in a cardboard box.

Yep, no hackable computer voting or hanging chads.

RE: Should I Vote? - BobCatholic - 09-12-2021

The Marxists have assimilated Canada into the Collective and it is only a matter of time before Canada goes full totalitarian.

Canada's the little brother yelling "WAIT FOR ME" after his big brother Australia.

RE: Should I Vote? - neanderthal-slayer - 09-12-2021

I appreciate all of these responses. It's especially good to know they're not using ballot machines.

But what I'm trying to say is that I totally doubt the efficacy of an individual vote. I believe my vote has infinitesimally minimal power, except in the symbolic realm. In fact, casting a legitimate vote is an implied endorsement of the current "democratic" framework. Which is why I'm thinking that spoiling the ballot is a better option.

I just want to know if I have a moral obligation to participate in what seems to me a lousy puppet show.

RE: Should I Vote? - AnaCarolina1 - 09-12-2021

Politicians are all liars going for the vote. Vote for the one who is prolife.