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RE: Should I Vote? - J Michael - 09-14-2021

(09-14-2021, 08:17 PM)neanderthal-slayer Wrote: I guess I thought you all would understand the spirit of what I was saying rather than the letter. Of course I'm not advocating for immigration or assassination; my point is that, despite everyone advocating for getting Trudeau out of office, I truly believe an individual vote has virtually zero efficacy. Please tell me why I should believe otherwise, and why you fellow Canadians felt that voting fulfilled any other purpose than perpetuating the democratic framework of politics.
Sure fooled me, then.  You sounded pretty literal.

RE: Should I Vote? - jovan66102 - 09-15-2021

(09-14-2021, 11:29 PM)J Michael Wrote: Sure fooled me, then.  You sounded pretty literal.

Me too. 'If you want Trudeau out in exchange for another marginally-less corrupt anti-Catholic liar, why not leave the country, or start researching the moral grounds for political assassination?', doesn't leave much wiggle room for interpreting it as hyperbole.