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What is Cosmotheism? - SacraCor714 - 10-12-2021

Can someone explain to me what Cosmotheism is? I was reading a forum on the National Vanguard website and noticed that a lot of the folks there are Cosmotheists. Don’t worry, not interested in converting! I would just like to know the particular heresies of this false religion.

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RE: What is Cosmotheism? - Margaret-Mary - 10-12-2021

They worship Helen Gurley Brown. Haha…

Don’t know… guessing they believe in cosmic consciousness, as opposed to a personal God.

RE: What is Cosmotheism? - HailGilbert - 10-12-2021

From the website Occultopedia, here is the definition:

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Roughly equivalent to Pantheism, Cosmotheism is a religion that asserts there is a purpose to life and that there is a consciousness that binds all of the cosmos.

Just like Pantheism, Cosmotheism believes in the concept that the universe and God are identical.

In the U.S.A. Cosmotheism is associated with Neo-Nazi and racist groups, largely because of its embracing by William Pierce, a collaborator of George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party who left to enlist on what eventually became the National Alliance, a white-supremacist organization located in West Virginia.

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Conclusion: stay away from this nonsense.

RE: What is Cosmotheism? - choosetowitness - 10-12-2021

Quote:National Vanguard is an American white nationalist, neo-Nazi organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia


RE: What is Cosmotheism? - newenglandsun - 10-12-2021

Pantheism - all is God
Cosmotheism - the world/universe is God