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Catholic philosopher Alice von Hildebrand dies - Sed libera nos - 01-14-2022

[color=rgb(var(--color_15))]ALICE VON HILDEBRAND
(1923 - 2022)
[color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Writer. Philosopher. Teacher. Catholic.
Wife of Dietrich von Hildebrand.

[Image: fa156f_9bbe6f91148c412ea9b576f98cdcd071f000.webp]
[color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Dear Friends,

[color=rgb(var(--color_15))]With sadness suffused by joy, I write to share that our beloved friend and sister Alice von Hildebrand went home to the Lord at 12:25am this morning (1/14/2022). She died peacefully at home after a brief illness.[/color]

[color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Those who knew Lily often heard her say that the wick of her candle was growing ever shorter. In fact, she yearned for death — to see the face of Our Lord, to be reunited at last with her husband Dietrich, her parents, her dearest friend Madeleine Stebbins — with the peace that only true innocence and profound faith can grant. [/color]
[color=rgb(var(--color_15))]We will announce details of the funeral in due course. [/color]
[color=rgb(var(--color_15))] [/color]
[color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Faithfully and Gratefully,[/color]
John Henry Crosby
[color=rgb(var(--color_15))] [/color]
[color=rgb(var(--color_15))]President & Founder[/color]
[color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Hildebrand Project[/color]


RE: Catholic philosopher Alice von Hildebrand dies - NoliTardare - 01-14-2022

May the Angels lead her into Paradise and the Martyrs receive her at her arrival and lead her in the holy city.

RE: Catholic philosopher Alice von Hildebrand dies - JacafamalaRedux - 01-14-2022

Ah, what a grande dame we've lost! And like Betty White, so close to her 100th birthday! Requiescat in pace, Alice.

[Image: alice-von-hildebrand-eb49d258-c2cf-49f1-...e-750.jpeg]

RE: Catholic philosopher Alice von Hildebrand dies - jovan66102 - 01-14-2022

May flights of angels lead her home and may she rest in peace. 

Give rest, O Christ, to thy servant with thy saints:
where sorrow and pain are no more;
neither sighing but life everlasting.
Thou only art immortal, the creator and maker of man:
and we are mortal formed from the dust of the earth,
and unto earth shall we return:
for so thou didst ordain,
when thou created me saying:
Dust thou art und unto dust shalt thou return.
All we go down to the dust;
and weeping o’er the grave we make our song:
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

Memory Eternal!

RE: Catholic philosopher Alice von Hildebrand dies - HailGilbert - 01-14-2022

God rest her immortal soul and grant her eternal peace.

If she is in Purgatory, may it be short and sweet.

If she is in Heaven, may she pray for us sinners.

May Our Saving Lord grant her a high seat in glory along with her spouse Dietrich. Amen.

RE: Catholic philosopher Alice von Hildebrand dies - Blind Horus - 01-14-2022

She had a lovely smile

RE: Catholic philosopher Alice von Hildebrand dies - piscis - 01-15-2022

TLM: ... There are those critics of the ancient Latin Mass who point out that the crisis in the Church developed at a time when the Mass was offered throughout the world. Why should we then think its revival is intrinsic to the solution?

Dr. AVH: The devil hates the ancient Mass. He hates it because it is the most perfect reformulation of all the teachings of the Church. It was my husband who gave me this insight about the Mass. The problem that ushered in the present crisis was not the traditional Mass. The problem was that priests who offered it had already lost the sense of the supernatural and the transcendent. They rushed through the prayers, they mumbled and didn’t enunciate them. That is a sign that they had brought to the Mass their growing secularism. The ancient Mass does not abide irreverence, and that was why so many priests were just as happy to see it go.


Requiescat in pace. Amen.