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Two Versions of the Adelphopoiia Rite - arnaud - 05-12-2022

I have found two these texts - two versions ad Adelphopoiia Rite:

I will not copy them here in full, they are too long for the forum post, but just one prayer:

Quote:O Lord Our God, who didst grant unto us all those things necessary for salvation and didst bid us to love one another and to forgive each other our failings, bless and consecrate, kind Lord and lover of good, these thy servants who love each other with a love of the spirit [tous pneumatike agape heautous agapesantas] and have come into this thy holy church to be blessed and consecrated. Grant unto them unashamed fidelity [pistis] and sincere love [agape anhypokritos], and as Thou didst vouchsafe unto thy holy disciples and apostles thy peace and love, bestow them also on these, O Christ our God, affording to them all those things needed for salvation and life eternal. For Thou art the light and the truth and thine is the glory.

This is Boswell tradition (e.g. and further links there especially this compedium of sources - this site of Fordham Jesuit University if one of the most breathtaking library, actually the most one, I have ever seen on the Internet), I am sure, everyone with SSA know his books and the research of this controversial though recognized Yale scholar.

The publication of the rites are part of more extended medievistic research by some Anglican college:

These matterials contain heartbreaking passion from one Easter tradition text:

Quote:from The Passion of St. Sergius and Bacchus martyred early 4th century

Meanwhile the blessed Serge, deeply distressed and heartsick over the loss of Bacchus, wept and cried out, "No longer, brother and fellow soldier, will we chant together, 'Behold, how good an pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!' You have been unyoked from me and gone up to heaven, leaving me alone on earth, bereft, without comfort." After he uttered these things, the same night the blessed Bacchus suddenly appeared to him with a face as radiant as an angel's, wearing an officer's uniform, and spoke to him. "Why do you grieve and mourn, brother? If I have been taken up from you in body, I am still with you in the bond of union, chanting and reciting, "I will run the way of thy commandments, when thou hast enlarged my heart.' Hurry up then, yourself, brother, through beautiful and perfect confession to pursue and obtain me, when finishing the course. For the crown of justice for me is with you."

Lord, have mercy!

RE: Two Versions of the Adelphopoiia Rite - Iconodule - 05-12-2022

This rite is about friendship, not homosexual unions.  Do you really think the Church would have blessed same sex activity?  Preposterous.