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"The Dimming" - Zedta - 05-13-2022

I admit that I am an Old Fart and have been around a while. That being said, I have also been a weather enthusiast most of my life, but really got into it during my flying days, when I worked for Lockheed (late 60s), before I got drafted and everything changed. One had to study weather in ground school. So, when I look at the skies that I once flew in, looking so much different than what I vividly remember, I have to consider this situation that appears put upon the world, of things being sprayed into our upper atmosphere that linger and over time, have changed our climate/environment greatly. I have very rarely seen skies that remind me of my youth. Things are greyer and 'smokier' looking, just for a start, with 'contrails' (read: Chemtrails) persisting in the atmosphere. In the end, one must consider, if the earth's climate seems in flux and has been so for at least 20 years, for some reason, then maybe we should look for causes and Geoengineering fits the bill. The climate 'changes' all seem to have begun around the time the spraying started.

This is a move-length film. It has a lot of information in it, so ya, its a bit long. But this issue is so complex and the results so dire, that it deserves a good understanding and knowledge to arm one with ammunition to shut it all down.