Dave's Insanity Sauce
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Is there anyone on the board that is a hot sauce aficionado? DH and I have know a guy who has a collection of things like this going. Has anyone ever tried Dave's insanity sauce (or something similar)? If so, what do you think?
I had a very painful run-in with this very sauce on Christmas Eve.

The label clearly states that:

#1 - this should be used one drop at a time.
#2 - people with cardiac or respiratory ailments should not consume it
#3 - it should be kept away from eyes, children and pets

I can attest that they are not kidding.  I love hot foods.  I love hot sauces.  This was the hottest hot sauce I have had in a very long time.

My husband who regularly consumes HOT foods tried this at the party (he ODed on it) was literally in tears it was so hot.  His friend's comment about the sauce and the amount they both put on their meatballs was, "That was just stupid."

I licked on drop off of the tip of my finger and my tongue hurt for 30 minutes.

There was very little flavour to the sauce.  It was all heat just for the sake of heat.  I prefer hot food that have layerings of flavour including, but not limited to heat.  This sauce was just painful.

I think in earlier incarnations of the sauce label, it can also be used strip wax off of linoleum and remove grease stains from asphalt.  That's just insane.

However, I like kick, not death.  Call me a wuss like that.
I've tried the insanity sauces. I got them from the "Mo' Hotta Mo' Betta" catalog. Mad Cat was pretty good, at least you didn't have to call 911 after you had some. For a time they were popular at the Winona seminary.

I love hot ‘n spicy stuff and rarely turn my nose up at any piquantalia (Remind me to call Webster). For the past 30 years I have had a standing $50 bet with any takers that I can eat any pepper they bring to the table without batting an eyelash (It’s been awhile since I’ve been challenged but I’ve never lost). About ten years ago my cousin produced a bottle of Dave’s and had me lick a toothpick that he dipped in it. My Eustachian tubes were in a cast for three weeks. I have to agree with Carole here though - What’s the point just being hot if there is nothing else to offer in the way of flavor? The thing is a novelty.

Yeah that's what I'm thinking.  I'm not interested in the heat just for the sake of heat concept.  Dave originally got the idea while running a burrito shop.  The spicier the food he served at the end of the night the faster drunk customers seemed to leave.  Then he decided to try to make the worlds hottest hot sauce. 
If it's got nothing in the way of flavour then I'd probably decline.  We watched YouTube videos of kids licking chopsticks and then throwing up.  Yuck.  It reminds me of a habanero incident a few years back.  We threw a small get together of beer buddies and I made chili.  I put two hab's in for me and one turned up missing.  One guy (who didn't know what they were) claimed he ate it.  I offered him the remaining pepper claiming that if he ate it we would all know it.  He took up the offer and ate the whole thing at once and then puked in my sink.  All over clean dishes too.  I've never laughed so hard.  I keep meaning to make chocolate dipped hab's and send them to him for Christmas...  :)  He knows we still love him, even if he seethed hatred for two hours. 

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