Hi everyone!

I'm Johnny, a happily married 45 yr. old Grandfather of three. :-) I'm a convert. (I was received into the Church in 1994).

Every day I am more convinced that Tradition is the only way to go for ANY Catholic. To me, the NO seems a blathering liberal Protestant nightmare in most cases. Currently, I attend an NO parish staffed by a wonderful Priest who dearly loves our Lord and strives for sincere reverence in the NO liturgy, but even so, I need and want the TLM.

I'm tired of waiting for the Church to regain it's "testicular fortitude" concerning Tradition, and so I've been considering visiting an SSPX Mass, but in all candor I'm a bit scared to do so...I don't want to end up in Hell, y'know? I don't say that to offend or hurt anyone here...I'm struggling to sort this issue out.

From what I've seen, there are folks here who have a lot of insight concerning SSPX, FSSP, etc. and I'd appreciate your wisdom and input. I'm really leaning toward investigating the SSPX. I know the Church has been through hard times before, but I want to honor God as best I can. In good conscience, I have a hard time sitting thru half hearted NO Masses.

Sorry for rambling, but I'm really glad I found this site. God bless all of you!



Just go and see what you think. I can't see you going to hell for it. No one will round you up and pressure you. Neither will the Priest if you go and see him. I did and there was no pressure.
Hope all goes well.
Thank you Daniel!

If I may ask, what were your impressions when you visited SSPX? Do you now attend their Masses?

Dominus Vobiscum,


Greeting to you too Johhny.
I think you have nothing to worry about, sounds to me your headng in the right direction.
Daniel...I thought you were giving the puter up for Lent...??? :laughing:
I was a long time absentee. I was worried about my situation. I went to see the Parish school rector, a Priest. He was just brilliant, 100% kindness and no pressure but didn't hide the Truth from me either. He was just what I needed. After I began going to Mass I went to see the PP who was also a great Priest and I can't tell you how much I benefitted from talking to the both of them.
When I first attended Mass I felt like I was home for the very first time. It was too good for words. I am sure I will never leave.
The people are fine. Some come across a bit strange, like they've got the Catholicometer pointed at everything, including me. When I consider the level of crisis in the Church it is not surprising that some people are a little effected by it. I probably seem strange to them, who knows or cares. I'll take them over the freaked out hippies in the new order and they are needless to say a very small minority and hardly noticeable. The 99% are very nice people to say the least and seemingly uneffected.
You can't go wrong. I'd just go and see and make up your own mind on it.
Definately arrange to meet the Priest, you will not be pressured or intimidated.
Good luck.
Marty wrote:
Daniel...I thought you were giving the puter up for Lent...??? [Image: laff.gif]
I missed you too much.[Image: inlove.gif]
Yeah, this forum needs me too.[Image: shrug.gif]

....on that note I'll go to bed.
Contemplating a drive to Colton, CA, Johnny?  Fr. Nichols is a good priest; at least, in my encounters with him.
But if you're ambivalent about the SSPX, there's an Indult near the Ontario airport.

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