Greetings from God's Country
My name is Lance and I'm a recovering protestant.

People often ask me why I converted and they listen intently when I tell the tale.  But, I've never thought it was extraordinary.  I was raised United Methodist, which for all intensive purposes is Christianity Lite.  Believe what you want and we'll all get along, that's their motto.  But, growing up I felt something was lacking.  I wanted to be the best Methodist I could be, but once I got older I became less and less enthusiastic.  Mostly because the morals I was developing conflicted with the accepted norms of the Methodist denomination (areas such as abortion, divorce, etc, etc.). 

I lived in a small town in Oklahoma where the Baptist Church reigned supreme.  My only association with the two Catholics I knew in school were that we were all going to hell because we weren't "saved".  I left for Texas A&M University and by my fourth year as a cadet I knew I needed to take a drastic step in my spiritual journey.  In January 2005, alone and without encouragement, I walked into the VERY active Catholic Students Association, known as St. Mary's Catholic Center, for something called RCIA.  On October 30, 2005 I, and about a dozen others, entered the Universal Church by special permission from the Bishop of the Diocese of Austin, Texas.

Since then I have moved to San Antonio where the Catholic Church reigns supreme.  I am a member of Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church, which was the first parish authorized for the Anglican Use, but I attend the Latin Mass on Sunday evenings and have fallen in love with it. 

I'm new here, but I like what I see.  I hope I get to know as many of you as I can.  And, if you don't mind, keep me in your prayers.  God just might  be calling me to the ministry after all.
Quote: My name is Lance and I'm a recovering protestant.
"Hello Lance"
Welcome to the forum. :tiphat:
God's country, eh? You must be from Wyoming! JK

AggieCatholic Wrote:I was raised United Methodist, which for all intensive purposes...

Psssst... [Image: shameonyou.gif]
I'm from Texas.  Everybody else talks funny.
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