I was at this winery today during the complimentary tasting times. [Image: wine.gif]

It is in Bloomington, IN. It was so cool that I missed the tour because they couldn't pry me away from the gift shop. :laughing: It was so fun! No wonder my favorite color is Merlot!


[Image: index_05.jpg]

S.A.G. ~ Kathy ~ Sanguine-choleric. Have fun...or else.

Adoramus te, Christe, et benedicimus tibi, quia per sanctam crucem tuam redemisti mundum.
Ya didn't miss much

[Image: md2020.jpg]
Definitely merlot.  I'm afraid of white wine.  I never get hangovers, but white wine is a killer--anyone else with this problem?

Wine people are friendly.  Once when I was standing in the wine aisle in a complete snit of indecision, a nice little old man introduced me to Columbia Crest merlot.  Very nice.

Sometimes I get sick of contending with corks.  Then I go cheapo and teach myself a lesson.  These days I'm doing the cheapo thing.
I can't wait until I'm 21....just about two years to go!!!!
It just doesn't make sense that one is old enough to drive and join the army but not old enough to drink.
A good excuse to visit Canada.
a very good excuse.  [Image: wine.gif]  cheers :)
Hey Kathy, if your ever in Nebraska you should definatley pop over and visit here.  We're members of the vineyard and the wines are just fabulous! 
The headaches MIGHT be caused by sulfites and not the wine itself. In Europe, they do not put sulfites in their wine however, when they make their wine for export to the U.S. they put the sulfites in.

Look for a small local winery that does not put sulfites in and try its wine. If you still get the headaches, it is something else.

My fav red wines come from a vineyard just up the road from me.
Brown Brothers


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