How to swaddle a baby. Opa!
Sophia Wrote:
Jo Wrote:Why are babies swaddled? That looks rather uncomfortable for the baby.

Very young infants feel secure and happy when they are wrapped up securely. It mimics the security they had while in the womb. A crying infant can often be soothed in this manner.

None of my babies have liked to be swaddled.  They have all been so wiggly right from the start and hated being restrained.  It's good for me because I am terrible at swaddling[Image: laff.gif]
My dh is great at swaddling but I'm awfull. I swaddle as best as I can and then I've started swaddling her a second time in a "kiddapodamus" swaddle blanket. Both blankets are light so she doesn't get hot and it keeps her well swaddled.

Although I don't have any children, I think I do a decent job at swaddling: watching this video, I remembered that when I was little, I always wrapped my baby dolls up that way- and they never complained! [Image: laff.gif] No idea where I learned it, though, as there weren't any babies in our family when I was growing up...[Image: shrug.gif]
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that looks like my uncle


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