bottled water is a scam
I really am allergic to fluoride. It makes me itch all over. I checked out the website referred  and found it does indeed have a filter machinery that filters out chlorine and fluoride. But it costs about $400 plus shipping and handling. Installation is extra. It will not fit in my little kitchen of the HUD building I live in, and being permanently disabled with a c-spine injury plus other disabilities, and on SSI, I am not able to afford this filter machinery. So, I am back to drinking bottled water. I get a case of Crystal Gyser  for just under $4 and buy 3 cases a month, plus 8 or 9 gallons of Crystal Gyser spring water a month at .88 each. I am paying .10 per each gallon bottle for recycling fee, and .05 per each bottle in each of the cases. I recycle all the bottles. I have to have someone do that as I am  a high quad and cannot do it myself. So you see my predicament? Bottled water is a must for me. It need not be for everyone, or for that matter, for most people.
Catholicmilkman Wrote:The problem with Reverse Osmosis flters is that they filter slow. I say our cities need to stop adding poisons to our water and start purifying with Ozone treatment instand of dangerous chlorine.

I don't disagree with you.  But between now and the time that happens if some people are sensitive to water treatment chemicals a reverse osmosis filtration system may be an option.

I'm not trying to sell anyone anything I was just pointing out that there are filtration systems that will remove fluoride.
Marty Wrote:
51olds Wrote:If your tap water comes out yellow, you might consider checking/replacing some plumbing. One could also boil the tap water to be on the safe side.

No...if your water comes out yellow, someone is playing a trick on you.
Tip: Don't eat yellow snow...OR WATER!!

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