Vatican does 180 on Holocaust denier
Bonifacio Wrote:
columba Wrote:These possibilities are not relevant if the Pope can only act under duress.
We really don't know that. His Holiness certainly has a lot of raging wolves around him but as far as we can tell, we don't know if the Pope is under duress. I believe that if it were for the wolves themselves, no motu proprio and no lifting of the excommunications would have EVER occurred.
Yes, but perhaps many of the Pope's actions are driven by external pressure or survival instinct. Certainly he has internal motivations but may not feel free to act upon them, especially now that he is under such pressure. It is important for +Fellay to apply counter-pressure if he can since a strong alliance with the SSPX may be the Pope's only alternative to stepping down.

If the Pope is "captured" and unreachable by +Fellay, then the Pope's own beliefs will no longer determine Vatican policy. Vatican officials are publicly criticizing the Pope and suggesting he will step down. I hope these critics are only being given rope to hang themselves, otherwise it is possible the Pope no longer calling the shots.

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