Many ethnic parishes slated to disappear in Scranton diocese
Many ethnic parishes established in NEPA long ago will disappear with church consolidations

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Quote:Churches in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Scranton once were places where prayers were whispered in Polish, sins were confessed in German and hymns were sung in Lithuanian.

And Mass was said in Latin...
I'm somewhat perplexed by the hand wringing over parish closings. While I can appreciate the tragedy of losing beautiful old church buildings (assuming they weren't ruined in the wake of the Council) and the attachment most long time parishoners have, most of these places are fully NO parishes and the blue hairs that populate them would stroke out if you tried to say a Mass in Latin there. If a parish no longer has the numbers necessary to maintain the physical plant (including an "industrial kitchen") of a parish, it's time to move on. Sad, yes, but reality. The Church is more than just physical buildings.

Having said that, the ideal thing would be to dismantle the inner city churches and re-locate them to the suburbs, instead of building these suburban monstrosities that resemble nothing but giant "industrial kitchens." I'm sure such a plan is not cost effective but it would be nice. Failing that, the buildings should be scavenged for what can be re-used and then demolished. Nothing more irritating to me than seeing an old Catholic church building put to a profane use.
All the churches closing are NO churches. The TLM church (FSSP run St. Michael's) is booming as well as the SSPX chapel in Wilkes-Barre I believe.

One of the contributing factors to this is the reduced population of the area. This area was once much more populous.

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