I'm applying to seminary!

    Dear Reader,

  As the title says, I am applying to the seminary.  I still need to turn in my application.  Please pray that they take my application THIS year, and please pray that they accept me to join the seminary for THIS year, THIS fall of 2009.

Thank you very much!

May God bless, guide, and protect you and your families and other loved ones greatly!


P.S.  I'd rather not say my name or which seminary (or other details), just know that I am a young man who wants to see if God wants him to become a priest.  I want to know what God's will is for me!
Prayers going up!

(And you you're right to maintain your anonymity on FE elsewhere on the internets.  Quis has written about this in the past, it's rough going for trad seminarians. Good luck.)
You'll most certainly be in my prayers, my friend...

May God love and keep you forever close to His most Sacred Heart!
:pray:  Good luck! One more traditional priest! Deo Gratias!
:pray: Good for you!
Thank you very much to all of those who read, replied, and/or are praying for my intention!  Please also pass this on if you could, I don't mean to sound demanding, but I really desire my intention.

May God bless, guide, and protect you and all your loved ones and lead you all to salvation for your praying for my intention!

From:  1servusdei
Lol, someone's zealous! 

The Belloc of seminary-applicants?

Act as if it all depends on you, pray as if it all depends on God. Which means... impress them. Fill out the application in Latin  ;)

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