Anyone else been in the truly unpleasant situation of being 'overemployed'?
Without going into great detail, I was working in a department that was being dissolved, and was able to transfer to a new department. As it turns out, even though I made it through two interviews and was hired, I've since discovered I'm in way over my head.

So now, I daily trudge through, but find myself constantly secretly planning an exit strategy. I know I may be able to stay on at least for a few months, maybe even longer, but I can tell you, I am not having fun. The stress is overbearing at times. I got my first red flag when I came home one day and I could not muster any emotion to match my exuberant kids. I felt like a zombie. Not to say I've never had days like that before in other jobs, I have, and that's pretty normal, we all have stress. But it's chronic now, and my default mood seems to be grumpy sprinkled with anxiety.  ;D

But as far as being 'overemployed', I just have enough self-actualization to know so. When you know, you know. A high school football player will make the same self assessment if he plays on an NFL team.

Anyway, anyone else been in, or is currently in this situation? What did you do to get by and cope?
Dude, I know what you mean. I'm the stay-at-home mother of a very demanding toddler. Emotionally and cerebrally I'm not cut out for it. Not to mention physically. I'm 36, and I suspect that God intended a woman my age to either be single or have had a brood, which would mean older children to help me in distracting the young one. Nope! It's just me! And she doesn't sleep through the night still. Yes, my dear, I know what you mean!

I'm not being facetious, by the way. I am sorry and hope that help shows up soon!
Many many people suffer this.  As an engineer I find some jobs truly daunting and have no idea where to start.  So I simply put my nose to the grind stone and just do it.  Eventually you figure it all out.  You never know how good you actually can be until you're pushed a little further than you think you should be.  This is how you grow!  In most things people never know what they're doing until they're finally doing it.
Lots of times, in just about every job I've ever had. 
As to what I do, I usually think about a quote by an Episcopal 'clergyman', by the name of Phillips Brooks - "Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men! Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks." 

Then, I pray.
Thanks for the words folks. Anyone who has been in the pressure cooker knows how relieving it is to just get it off your chest and get some positive feedback. Really.  

You know what I found last night to be a tremendous stress reliever, and you might try this Satori when you're ready to get your head out of the vice....the channel. I don't have cable or sat, but I think everyone on the planet gets the channel. The non-denom Christian channel that plays easy listening music, with scripture verses while showing nature scenes. I landed on the channel and they were showing scenes of a snow covered forest and with the scripture verse...I was transfixed. The stress melted away. I usually kind of smirk and dismiss that when I surf across it, why I don't know. But last night, it came through like a champ bustin up stress like nobody's biz

I'll never misunderestimate that channel again. In fact, I'm going to make sure I watch it as often as I can.
I'm in that situation right now, so I feel you. What Texican said is good advice, I pray a lot for the ability to put up with the place. Super stressful.

There's always a reason I think-- God's doing something, preparing us for something, if nothing else, to be able to enjoy a repose later...I know that's hard to trod through when you're in the thick of it, lemme tell ya I know.

Just my .02
I think that the most positive thing I've done, is to stop myself from asking, "Why me?"
Nah.  Usually I just fake incompetence so no one gives me anything hard to do :P

Seriously, though...yeah, I hear you.  I recently went through a period of 12+ hours days, 7 days a week to get a very difficult project done.  It really drained me, and I really did think about just trying to find a new job.  But I know I've put in too much work here to throw it all away, so I tried to just take it a piece at a time - concentrate on small goals.  That way I could feel some relief for having gotten something done instead of dread at having such a long way to go.

Also, don't be afraid to ask for help.  Your company wants you to succeed, after all, since your success = $ for them!
Almost every job God has gotten me has been over my head.  There's no truth in advertising, I tell ya.  Somehow I manage to get through.  I just figure God has put me there for a reason.  When He's done with me being there, He just moves me on.  I've shut down 5 companies in my career life.  Could also be why I have insomnia and ulcers, now that I think about it though.  ;D

Anyway, just hang in there.  God will take care of everything.  Having tropical fish also helps with stress busting.
"Head in the vice"?

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