Cats/I can't afford a vet/Cat Miliary Dermatitis (papulocrustous dermatitis)?

Judging from google images and a description of Cat Miliary Dermatitis (papulocrustous dermatitis), I believe my Little Lulu has this condition.
Unfortunately, I cannot afford a vet or medications. Is there any help out there? I just don't know what to do and I love her too much to not do anything. Can someone give me some advice?  Today I put hydrocortozone .1% on it and it seem to give her comfort. 
Also, I wonder if I can use advantage on her during her current flare up?
Oatmeal shampoo is soothing to animals with skin conditions.

Does she have fleas? I had a cat who was allergic to fleas and got a skin irritation.

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