Glasgow UK - Tron Theatre Protest
A few days ago a healthy crowd of 300 protested the Tron Theatre Play 'Jesus Queen of Heaven' in which our Lord is depicted as a female transexual. A short video of the protest can be viewed here:
300 poeple Glaswiegians and the damn theater didn't burn down?
MAN that towns changed
Too many up the clyde in a bike over their I suppose

I just had a look through your previous posts and it turns out that not only are you a fellow Scot, but I have met you!  You might not remember me, but I attended the first TLM organised by Una Voce at your parish and then came round to the parish house afterwards, where a bunch of us had some great discussions about the faith.  I also remember you'd used graphics from Fisheaters for your parish newsletter.  Fellow Fisheaters, rest assured that ihom is an excellent parish priest, quite literally worth ten of the sort of priests you typically get nowadays.

God bless,

P.S. I've just figured out what "ihom" stands for.  How are things in the north of the fair city of Glasgow these days?
Ive noticed tonight especially as I was in an Irish Pub, that it appears to me The Lord our God is bringing together all of his fighters.

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