Christ made reparation for all magdalenes and prodigals
Today is the memorial of Blessed Angela of Foligno, A Franciscan Tertiary and mystic. But she had not always been such!  She had a past. And most of us do. Here is something for your reflection:

By Bl. Angela of Foligno:

I reflected with grief and sorrow of heart on the sufferings of our Lord Jesus Christ and thought about the shamefulness of my sins, and how it was necessary for the Son of God to weep and offer prayers and intercession for our sins and to die on the cross that I might be reconciled to God and forgiven for my sins. I thought also of my ingratitude and my failure to do anything in return for such a great benefit Christ had bestowed on us.  I was astonished at God's infinite goodness and mercy and my own great iniquity and folly, and as I reflected on these things it was revealed to me that we are liberated from our sins and from the punishments we have deserved by the Passion of Christ. This was disclosed to me with such perfect clarity that 1 could scarcely restrain myself from crying out loud in the presence of all the people.

When Christ appeared to me he told me that because he had died on the cross for us; nobody could excuse himself if he was not saved, for in order to be saved all that was necessary was for a person to act in the same way as a sick man does with his doctor. If he wishes to regain health he tells his doctor about his sickness and disposes himself to obey everything that the doctor tells him to do. Similarly it is necessary in the case of spiritual sickness to show our sins to the Physician of our souls and do whatever he commands us to do. I understood that the medicine which Christ gives us is his Blood, which he freely bestows on us without any price. It costs nothing to the sick sinner except this: He must acknowledge his sin and pray for forgiveness. Then the Physician, Jesus Christ, will heal his sickness and make him whole.

Then all my sins were laid bare before my soul and I perceived that each part of me had its own particular spiritual sickness and I prayed, "Oh Lord, Physician of eternal health, I am sick and no part of me is without sickness and defilement. And because you have consented to heal me if I reveal to you all my diseases and infirmities, I will show you all the sins of my limbs and organs, my body and my soul.  Then I began to point out all my transgressions and I said, "Oh Lord, most merciful Physician, see my head and how often I have adorned it with emblems of pride. Look upon my wretched eyes, Oh Lord, full of envy and uncleanness. In this manner I endeavored to count and to lay bare all the sins of my body, and when our Lord Jesus Christ had patiently heard me, he gladly and joyfully answered that he had healed me in each of these respects, one after another. He took pity on my soul and said, "Do not fear my daughter, neither despair, for even though you were tainted with a thousand sicknesses, yet I would give you medicine by which  you might be healed of all of them, if only you would apply that medicine to your heart and soul."

Then the crucified one showed me how he had made satisfaction, and done penance for all my sins:
"For the diseases of your head which you have told me about, I have made satisfaction. You set yourself up in pride and vainglory, washing, combing, anointing, coloring and adorning your hair. But for these I have done penance, suffering grievous pains when thorns pierced my head, my hair was plucked out, my head was beaten with a rod, and I suffered all manner of mockery and scorn.

For the sins of your face which you have incurred by washing and anointing it and displaying it to men, seeking their favor, I have made satisfaction. Wicked men spat in my face and made it filthy and soiled. It was swollen and deformed by rough and heavy blows.

For the sins of your eyes which have gazed at vain and harmful things, and delighted in things that are opposed to God, I have made satisfaction. I shed copious and bitter tears, I was blindfolded and my eyes were filled with blood.

For the ears that have offended God by listening to vain and evil things and taken delight in them, I have done great penance, hearing slanders, curses, false accusations, insults, mockings, lies, blasphemies and, at the last, the wicked judgment against me.

Because of the sins of your mouth and throat and the pleasure you took in feasting and drunkenness and delicate foods, my mouth was parched and empty, hungry and thirsty, and bitter with vinegar mingled with gall.

For the sins of your tongue which you let loose in lies and slanders, blasphemies and derisions, I closed my mouth and uttered no word against my accusers and false witnesses.

For the sins of your hands and arms with which you have done much evil in embraces and touches and other iniquities, my arms were outstretched on the cross and my hands driven through with nails.

For the sins of your feet, vain running and dancing and loose walking about for pleasure, my feet were bound and twisted and nailed on the wood of the cross.

For the sins of your body, giving it up to pleasure, rest and idleness, my body was fastened to the cross, terribly beaten and stretched out like a skin, exposed to the wind and the air, gazed on and mocked by the people.

For the offences you committed with your wealth, acquiring it, gloating over it, hoarding it, spending it wrongfully, I have been poor, possessing no money, no house, no goods.

What more can I say? There is no sin or disease of the soul for which I have not purchased the true medicine. Do not grieve any longer. Suffer here with me, have pity on me always, be my companion in poverty and contempt."

The crucified one spoke further to me: "When my children have departed from me through sin and have made themselves children of the devil, their return to the Father is met with great rejoicing. So great is the Father's joy at their return that he bestows upon them a supernatural grace, different from that which is given to virgins who have not departed from him through sin. He does this because of his abundant love for them and because of his pity for their wretched condition, and also because they have sinned against so great a majesty. For these reasons even those who have been the greatest sinners may find the greatest grace and mercy."
Thanks for posting this.  I found it helpful.
that's truly thought-provoking, Magdalene.  you always post interesting things. i can see why Bl. Angela is known as the Mistress of Theologians ('Mistress' as in 'Master,' not as in concubine.)  at least one of her books is available to read online, something for the to do list for me.

Bl. Angela's patronage:

• against sexual temptation
• against temptations
• against the death of children
• people ridiculed for their piety
• widows


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