Catholic Bishops and Social $$ Fraud
(01-09-2010, 11:49 PM)discomike2000 Wrote: There are recent developments, and it's pretty bad what's happening!

Thank you!  :amen:  This is why I opened this thread!

We are looking at the tip of a very sinister iceberg. In Austin, the interfaith "Caritas" group is considered to be mostly the darling of the Catholic Church which takes great pride in it but it is also heavily involved with political indoctrination of the poor, refusing shelter and food pantry assistance to women who persist in "traditional" and heterosexual lifestyles, forcing them to participate in liberation workshops that argue that prostitution is a regular job and poor women who object to being forced to the level of drug users and whores are being
insensitive and elitist, (unless they are both Hispanic and undocumented, in which case their family values are supported)

Two years ago Caritas engaged in a horrible assault of malicious slander on all the women who were using the Salvation Army shelter, which is the only emergency shelter in Austin that serves women at night. The Caritas-supported city shelter (the ARCH) allows homeless women to sleep for a few hours during the day but at night only men are housed, which forces women into the streets for the night. The Salvation Army was housing over a hundred women every night until the Caritas-backed campaign forced them to cut it back to 48 women.  Caritas also took $250,000 in United Way money away from the Salvation Army with that campaign of disinformation. (It was reinstated after that , however.)

Ironically, Catholic women are safer at the Salvation Army because they are not required to attend religious meetings and are left free to attend Mass at any local Church, but Caritas workers treat Catholic prayer as a mental illness, claiming it is evidence of delusional thinking.
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(01-09-2010, 01:18 PM)Scipio_a Wrote: Maybe because she just saw it...why do you care?

I believe that we all should look for the good what is from God, and not for the abuses of others what is from the evil.

Naturally we should care about our own sins and deficiencies, what we can change. But to bring up other people abuses what are beyond our power to change seems to be unreasonable.

Trads do look for the good which is why most of us reject the NO...and you have to watch for the abuses your your head gets muddled like yours is...and boy might be rapped...sorry...Being Catholic does no mean lick the ground of a bishop...even one you think is good....and certainly not  the current crop of..."bishyps"

It is not unreasonable to wonder where your money is going or if your son with be fondled....WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU>>>YOU ARE SICK.
Not just your sons, your daughters, too., Caritas is requiring lesbian-oriented meetings for women who go there for services.
Well that's good to know...

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