Opinion: The Truth Comes out: Women Who Support Abortion

By Jennifer Hartline

excerpts from the article, with bolding and colored fonts added by i.p.i.  link to article below.

the controversy began because of "Major General Tony Cucolo's order to his soldiers serving in Iraq that female troops will be punished if they get pregnant and males will be punished if they are the father. "

"Kary Jencks, public affairs director for Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire made this statement: “I think it's unfortunate that once again, the natural capacity that a woman's body has is disciplined. It's always viewed as a handicap, not a normal aspect of being a woman.”

But the best part was the demand made by 4 Democrat senators that Cucolo rescind his order immediately: “We can think of no greater deterrent to women contemplating a military career than the image of a pregnant woman being severely punished simply for conceiving a child. This defies comprehension.” (emphasis to "child" added)

(wait, isn't 'it' just a fetus or embryo or products of conception or blob of cells?  isn't that what PP and NARAL have said all these years?)

And Jencks other comment: “The military should be happy that a couple are bringing new life into the world rather than viewing it as a handicap.”

Conceiving a child... bringing new life into the world. These are the words of some of the most pro-abortion senators in the country: Barbara Boxer, Barbara Mikulski, Jeanne Shaheen, and Kirsten Gillebrand, along with a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood. Suddenly it's not an embryo, or a fetus or a zygote or a nameless, faceless “choice”, but a child. New life. Life.

They have betrayed themselves and their word games and their facade of compassion and caring. We may have always suspected, but now we know for sure, that they know the truth. Abortion kills a child. A new life.
Pregnancy is not a handicap or a problem, but the natural capacity of a woman's body. Committed pro-aborts know this is true, and it's a truth they cannot live comfortably with, so they must deny it, ignore it, and rationalize it away in order to quell the conflict within themselves. They want this counterfeit notion of “freedom” enough to kill for it, and that's another uncomfortable truth they can't face."

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The  catholic answer would be

- do not wage unjust wars

- honor the nature and vocation of women, do not let them drag into the military
(01-10-2010, 05:13 PM)glgas Wrote: The  catholic answer would be

- do not wage unjust wars

- honor the nature and vocation of women, do not let them drag into the military

as to your second point, i refer you to St. Joan of Arc.  :)

but the point of the article is that pro-aborts are suddenly recognizing that the unborn child is a child and new life, which is a major change in their rhetoric.  those words came out of their mouths and pro-lifers can and will remind them of that in future.  great news for our side.

many years ago, the pro-aborts argued there was no life involved in early pregnancy, then science showed them that was not true so they said it was not human life, which is scientifically ridiculous, implying that the child isn't human until shortly before birth.

:pazzo: :pazzo: :pazzo:

but now leading pro-aborts have

Yep, sounds like they've been busted.
This just shows that the liberals don't have a well thought out principled approach to justify their opinions.
They are against the military so they have to create a convenient argument to criticize it.
The point really is that women shouldn't be in the military as soldiers because it was created and organized as a male institution, and of course women getting pregnant doesn't fit in well.
It is like the corporate world, women having children and leaving their work for extended maternity leave doesn't fit well with the work culture, hence years ago women had to choose between marrying and working at home or working in the office and being single.
women have served in the military for a long time, the difference now is that they're in combat zones [no, wait, nurses always were] and on ships and they're getting involved with men, getting pregnant, in [apparently] larger numbers than in the past.

when women in the military were nurses or secretarial staff, or even working in the motor pool, etc., they were important parts of the military but they didn't seem to get involved with the men they worked with so often.  the problem now is partly closer proximity and partly the decline in moral standards among both sexes.

then again, doctors and nurses fooling around is nothing new and neither are affairs between bosses and secretaries in civilian life though the military has always frowned on it so discretion was used, along with contraception.  maybe the biggest difference is that pregnancy outside marriage is no longer a scandal so such couples don't bother using contraceptives.  the women who get pregnant may be hoping to get the man to marry them, or looking for an excuse for a discharge, in which case they may want to get pregnant, even want to have the baby. or they're just assuming they'll abort if they get pregnant.  reality checks are needed for these women.


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