How was your ash wednesday?
I'm just about to head off to my first ever Traditional Mass for Ash Wednesday. I'm really excited. How was everyone's ash wednesday?
It's still Tuesday here, but I'll let you know when it happens!
Sadly I will be unable to go to Mass tomorrow as our SSPX priest won't be in town until Saturday but I am looking forward to it! (I will miss the ashes upon my forehead though...)
ashes didn't show up too clearly on my forehead, slept a lot (i.e. wasted time) after morning Mass due to fatigue, irritated my mother when she found out that she forgot that i won't be eating dinner tonight, and till now have been typing my essays on public health in colonial Philippines and the success of the Catholic missions in China as of 1917 while being distracted at the same time (its very hot and i am, alas, using the computer). Am running back to the priory later to pray the rosary during the evening Mass and to hear the sermon.

Great day =D
Pulling an all-nighter to get some necessary work done.  Going to a lab which is a waste of time, typically.  Redesigning a flyer for our Ash Wednesday service on campus, mailing it out via e-mail.  Napping.  Serving at the Ash Wednesday service.  More schoolwork.

Well-deserved sleep to follow all that.  Repeat for Thursday.

Oh, and the Ash Wednesday service will be bland, with no priest, and the crappy "song" "Ashes" being sung.  Blech.  If I wasn't required to serve, I wouldn't be there.  But, that's what you get for not having a car.  :(  At least Catholics come out, and get exposed to Catholicism, at some level...  maybe I'll see some folks to invite to Mass this weekend who don't typically go...
I have put a large warning sign on my refrigerator to remind me not to chow down.
I went to Mass at St. George's House this morning, it turned out Bishop Williamson offered the Mass. :)
Ash Wednesday always makes me miss working at CUA's law school.  There was a chapel where we could attend Mass almost every day during Lent.

As it is, Fontevrault abd I will be receiving ashes tonight, though I'm not sure which service we'll go to.
So far, it's good! My son attended Mass with his class, so I took the two little ones to attend as well. We received our ashes (the kids didn't freak out which made my day! hehe) and came home to make breakfast. Everyone seems to have a good Lenten resolve this year...I hope it sticks. I feel like we had a sad Lent last year.
(02-17-2010, 08:54 AM)AlanF Wrote: I went to Mass at St. George's House this morning, it turned out Bishop Williamson offered the Mass. :)
Lucky! Very Cool!

My ash Wednesday has just started. We go to mass tonight, and my baby's baptism is after mass! So it will be a very good one :)

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