Irish Bishops to do Severe Penance
We suggested this, being especially inspired by the scene where Henry II was whipped by Benedictine Monks after he had St. Thomas Becket murdered, that the Bishops would do well to make public acts of penance, but you don't have to be a genius to see that was where Holy Father was going. St. Thomas Becket himself walked 20 miles to his Cathedral after he was consecrated, in his bare feet. Nothing inspires so much as when you set the example, especially if it costs something to do it, as Holy Father says, "we must follow Christ into the desert."
Thats interesting if they actually do something like this (which I doubt) it would be the first time that I have seen a Bishop or Pope actually act on their missmangement of the child rape cases. In this case I say let the Bishops all go out to Scellig Micheal and have the Victims scourge their bare backs with roman style scourges. 10 lashes each.
This is real? If so, it's the best idea anyone's had in an age.
You should see how the Filipinos do it.
(02-21-2010, 12:48 PM)WanderingPenitent Wrote: You should see how the Filipinos do it.

But would that be enough for these bishops?
How about being tied to a stake with plenty of kindling around it and giving the victims a survival course with Ray Mears?
"We must follow Christ in the dessert."

Sounds like Irish-speak for the bishops giving up drinking for Lent, "except for Sacramental wine" donchaknow! ;D
Is this the way to go about it though? Are they doing this because they are truly penitential, or because it's a "political" move? In the article, Cardinal Brady mentions a victim saying he wanted to see the bishops publicly humiliated. Is this the right message we want to send?

I'd like to see them struggling up a deep ravine too, but this just seems like a publicity thing.

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