Mortal sin and lent
Is it a mortal sin to 'fall off the lenten wagon'?
(03-03-2010, 04:57 AM)SinfullyLate Wrote: Is it a mortal sin to 'fall off the lenten wagon'?

No it's not, because our Lenten commitments are things voluntarily taken on (or given up), for which there is no strict requirement in justice to do (i.e.: I don't sin in not saying an extra prayer, even though it is the better way). 

Unless of course we are dealing with specific sins, be they mortal or venial, and in this case, obviously, the sin is committed if we commit them. And there may well be an added gravity to sins committed in violation of our Lenten resolution (to struggle against them). But not to render what is venial sin a mortal sin.

But still, the question should not always be asked in the manner ''do I sin if I do x?" Rather, what does God want me to do ? Some things God may desire of us but do not constitute sin if we do not do it. 
Thanks for the information!  :)

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