Critques of JPII's Theology of the Body
I have found an article in the Latin Mass Magazine from Winter 2002 that might help you even though it's reference to TOB is only a paragraph.  It is entitled "Humanae Vitae: Heroic, Deficient - or Both?" 

It compares and contrasts the Thomistic approach to the Personalist Phenomenology used by Paul VI and shows how the personalist approach was rejected by  Pius XII.    The article argues that the personalist approach used in TOB and Humanae Vitae is a striking departure from classical Catholic teaching.  The author of the article is John Galvin.  Maybe he has other articles that talk completely about  TOB, I don't know.

I know this much - The Latin Mass magazine is the best thing I have ever read!  This winter's issue had an article on indulgences that explained them clearly to me for the first time since becoming Catholic.  I am glad someone has given me some back issues.  I can see these helping me to form a more classical Catholic world view.
Forgot  this  - I don't know how to scan it into my computer to e-mail it to you, but I could make a hard copy and mail it to you if you are interested.

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