Proper attitude for a Catholic towards the pedophilia scandal?
I wouldn't put it past a conspiracy to destroy the Church along with the robbing of the Council, etc.

I mean, it was a long time before V2 that the Modernists and Liberals got "their boys" into seminaries and on their way to the episcopacy where they could do their damage.  For sure, some of them were homosexuals who wanted to Liberalize the Church to be more conciliatory to their lifestyle (e.g., Weakland).  And along with homosexuals, there were for sure some homosexual pedophiles.  Remember that the warnings against Modernism were long before V2 - the promoters of it were already active and in the Church by Pope St. Pius X's time.

I think that's why there is a huge increase of all this stuff in one generation before V2.  I sincerely believe the Church was targeted and infiltrated by groups wishing to destroy it or make it a useful idiot.  Some of this is coincidence, but I don't think all of it is.  :tinfoilhat:

I have a survey of a population of some few hundred seminarians taken during the 30s.  Their penchant for professionalization of seminarians was evident back then. They wanted a certain kind of guy.

According to my parish priest, those criteria changed in the 1970s and 1980's to permit more personal latitude.

He went through Seminary in the 1980s; and he deplores the movement of seminarians toward acceptance of homosexuality.

In the diocese he and I shared in West Virginia, there was a whole coterie of gay monks who did whatever they wanted.

That drove my priest-friend nuts.  Obedience and chastity apparently became optional, at some point somewhere.

I would wish this were not so.



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