Pedro Regis (Brazilian "Seer")
Good day all,

Has anyone here heard of Pedro Regis?  He seems to be on target with a lot of his prognostications, referring directly to the Haiti Quake and the floods and death in Rio to mention two.  I ask because our friend, Duke Puntalangit, just posted a "prophecy" that seems to coincide with Predro's--namely the assassination (or death) of a leader that will cause confusion but will be for the good of many souls.  Regis, in his message from the first of this year, also mentions that there will be a revolt of a famous congregation within the church.  If the LC/RC act in disobedience to the announcement to be made at the end of this month by the Holy See, I will watch what he says very closely.

I do not know anything specifically but I have some friends who are beginning to be VERY interested in him and his messages. I rather gave up following messages some years ago but my friends sure seem to think highly of this man and that there have been some of those predictions that have come to pass already.
He has been the subject of several articles on Spirit Daily. some may be in their archives

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