Are Catholic Bishops in Apostasy?
In answer to the title of the post, all I can say is:
"and aren't they pretty in pink"
(05-05-2010, 05:35 PM)salus Wrote: They are too cowardly to speak the truth of what Jesus and his church teaches, dont worry about what the Jews, Pagans, Schismatics and Heretics are saying , its these Bishops and priests who are supposed to be followers of Jesus  yet water down , explain away, are wishy-washy or even outright deny teachings of Jesus when confronted by the issue inb the world. Read a good book on how the martyrs spoke to pagans and tell me with a straight face your bishop preaches ot teaches that way.

I have never heard of my bishop denying or watering down a teaching of the Church.  He is known for his orthodoxy.  He is also a friend to tradition and invited the FSSP to the diocese.

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