Rainbow Sash Gays Threaten to Disrupt Pentecost Masses
(05-18-2010, 08:46 AM)DesperatelySeeking Wrote: I attended a Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC many years ago (guessing '87?) where half a dozen protesters remained standing with their backs to the altar all through Mass.  That is the only time I have seen a protest inside or out of a church.

Now here's a question - is it a civil offense to disrupt a religious service?  Disturbing the peace or something?  Could the police be called?

Frankly, I think it would be better to just ignore them.  These people are like the teenagers who dye their hair blue to tick off daddy...."look at me, I am so fresh!".  Puerile & sophomoric.  Buncha toddlers seeking attention.

I'm guessing in countries where churches are privately owned by the archdiocese you could kick anyone you want out of the place.
dunno i can't help but think sometimes people would take catholics more seriously if we stood up more often. u wont c these people targeting a mosque will you.

course i agree sadistic violence with sentiments of revenge is actually sinful - so that's not the way to go obviously. but still, physical alterations,  when done with legitimate justification on defensive grounds, can send a good message..

and the police well..... you only see their chief commissioners proudly walking in mardi gras parades. community outreach. catholics excluded. 
double post
well trespassing can be used maybe  .the point here is the system allows them and encourages them to do it . makes little sense to count on the system to stop them
Just escort them out.  The level of pain caused by the compliance techniques is totally up to them.
If someone, anyone tried to disrupt our Mass, physical intervention would take place by me, the other ushers and the men in attendance. Among my fellow parish are Marines, 10th Special Forces Group, and other retired military, both Officer and NCO. God would not be displeased, and I am ready to go to jail for protecting my priest, the young men with him on the altar, and parishoners. Jail sucks, but would be worth it.

since they are announcing their intent to disrupt Masses on Pentecost, then the churches should have police in place (paid off-duty officers if the dept. won't send out on-duty officers) ready to bar their entrance or escort them out, arrest them if necessary.  they should be arrested for disturbing the peace if they disturb the peace.  they probably can't be arrested for wearing rainbow sashes.

maybe some of our lawmen can tell us what laymen can legally do to stop disruptors.

(05-18-2010, 09:49 AM)Texican Wrote: Just escort them out.  The level of pain caused by the compliance techniques is totally up to them.

is it legal for laymen to escort people out?
If it is a private place, they can be cited for trespassing, once told to leave, and they disobey.  Disturbing the peace would probably be the best bet, especially if their intention is to disrupt the Mass.  

I would cite them for a violation of some "Hate" statute.
(05-18-2010, 12:09 PM)i.p.i. Wrote: is it legal for laymen to escort people out?

It probably depends on the location, but if the place has ushers, or some kind of a security team, then yes.  If not, then it would fall on the priest to ask for them to leave/be removed from the premises, although I would ask an attorney for clarification on that.

I'd remove them, anyway.  I could use a vacation.

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