Life after Saddam for Catholics
(06-26-2010, 06:06 AM)Hawaii Five-0 Wrote: Lee Timmer,

Thanks for the recommendation.  I'll look into ordering it on-line.


You can find it on (Barnes & Noble) for dirt cheap under the used-books section.
(06-26-2010, 12:34 PM)Petertherock Wrote: I never knew that Judge Napolitano is a Catholic. That's great! He was fighting with Shepard Smith because he was saying that the government was just as much at fault as BP is for the oil spill. Smith kept saying that it was BP that cut corners and caused this. Napolitano said and BP will pay for that but the government inspected and approved the BP well and they didn't suspend the Jones Act and left all the ships with the booms in the dock. (sounds like School bus Nagan.)

Yep, I have listened to many of his interviews on line.  I have heard him often quote Sts. Augustine & Thomas Aquinas in support of his positions.  He also said that he patterns himself on St. Thomas More who was, in his words, the greatest lawyer that ever practiced law.  Rock on  :metal:

I don't think it was hard to come up with the idea that a Secular Dictator is better for the Christian minorities of a muslim country, than a democratically elected Islamist.

The Iraq war was really a disaster

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