Beer Farm: All Beers are equal, but some Beers are more equal than others
By Marty

Marty has spent his entire life studying beer and after many years of dilligent study has finally released his long anticpated work 'beer farm', thought to be the best book written about beer.....ever
Only the weak drink beer. Real men drink rum!
Varus Wrote:
InquisitorGeneralis Wrote:[Image: boddingtons.jpg]
Oh, you guys need to try Boddington's! I just remembered that. It's sort of like a milder flavored Guinness.


Boddington's Bitter Ale is very good. Not many of the bitters taste as good when they are canned.

By the way, is Old Chicago a pub? Where can I find it? Next time I'm in town, I'll drop by there!

There are several Old Chicagos in Minneapolis, I know that.
common guys!!! This thread shouldn't be allowed to go past page 1!
I want it as long as the phatmas thread! [Image: laff.gif]
what is the drinking age in Australia?

Extraecclesiamnullasalus Wrote:what is the drinking age in Australia?

18 but sometimes I think it should be higher, I used to manage a massive liquor store (bottlo) in Sydney and these young 18 year old would come in and I'd check there ID and all that and it just seemed too young sometimes, they way they carried on, like a kid in a candy store! I was like that too once though, until i had a HUGE hangover, so now I limit myself to only 24 beers and 2 bottles of scotch per day.
gladius_veritatis Wrote:
Marty Wrote: People like beer...I like beer.
Is this the two first parts of a three part syllogism where you are proving that you are a person?
major: All people like beer.
minor: I like beer.
conclusion: I am a person.

Horses drink water.
I drink water.
I am a horse.
Beer on Sundays only, starting tomorrow. Hard to give it up...., but we have to make sacrifices during Lent, right?
Keep this thread up![Image: beer2.gif]
francis Wrote:Horses drink water.
I drink water.
I am a horse.
Nice try, mate! [Image: laff.gif]  but your universal term would have to be "all animals who drink water are horses", or something to that effect to make it work. 
Extraecclesiamnullasalus Wrote:what is the drinking age in Australia?

Apparently not high enough, as Marty is clearly sloshed 90% of the time he posts on here![Image: rofl.gif]

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